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Our success is thanks to our incredible team

We’re a diverse group, with different skills and professional backgrounds. Our directors share first-hand private equity experience of the commercial, technical and cultural environment in which you operate. Crucially, everyone at PER really does understand this market.

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Gail McManus

Managing Director

Gail McManus

Charlie Hunt Sitting

Director of UK

Charlie Hunt

Rupert Bell Sitting

Director of DACH

Rupert Bell

Oliver Gilkes Sitting

Senior Consultant

Oliver Gilkes

Debbie Eidelman Sitting

Senior Consultant

Debbie Eidelman

Charlie Linacre Sitting

Senior Consultant

Charlie Linacre

Rebecca Liebel Sitting

Senior Consultant

Rebecca Liebel

Margaret Cauley Sitting

Head of LatAm

Margaret Cauley

Linn Cheng Sitting

Head of Asia

Linn Cheng

Nadja Essmann Sitting

Head of CFO Practice, DACH

Nadja Essmann

Daniela Braemisch Sitting

Head of Frankfurt

Daniela Braemisch

Sharon Chammah Sitting

Head of Research

Sharon Chammah

Ben Menai Sitting

Senior Consultant

Benjamin Menai

Richard Jones Sitting

Senior Consultant

Richard Jones

Carla Casares Seated


Carla Casares

Alex Horkan Sitting

Consultant, Head of Tech

Alex Horkan

Henry Price-Haworth Sitting

Consultant, Head of Finance & Operations

Henry Price-Haworth

Sophie de la Sierra Sitting


Sophie de la Sierra

Jack Su Sitting

Regional General Manager

Jack Su

Christine Koch Sitting


Christine Koch

Nicholas Stephens Sitting


Nicholas Stephens

James Ellis Sitting


James Ellis

Svenja Tewes Sitting


Svenja Tewes

Lucinda Bolton Sitting


Lucinda Bolton

Suenne Drees Sitting

Research Consultant

Suenne Drees

Dean Terry Sitting

Consultant, Finance & Operations

Dean Terry

Annabelle Bates Sitting


Annabelle Bates

Hugo Clark Sitting

Research Consultant

Hugo Clark

Roy Tang Sitting

Research Associate

Roy Tang

Harry Gwynne Sitting

Research Associate

Harry Gwynne

Isabel Stauber Sitting

Research Associate

Isabel Stauber

Prema Bhuiyan Sitting

Research Associate, Finance & Operations

Prema Bhuiyan

Stefanie Wegele Sitting

Research Analyst

Stefanie Wegele

Freddie Richards Sitting

Research Analyst

Freddie Richards

Daniele Zurbruegg Sitting

Research Analyst

Daniele Zurbruegg

Sarah-Anne Hill Sitting

Research Analyst

Sarah-Anne Hill

William Szymanski Sitting

Research Analyst

William Szymanski

Jocelyn Rogers

Research Analyst

Jocelyn Rogers

Grace Egan Sitting

Research Analyst

Grace Egan

David Linton Sitting


David Linton

Zoe Proudfoot Sitting


Zoe Proudfoot

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