Think like an investor: How to nail your private equity case study

3 February 2022 | Gail McManus, Managing Director

PER Founder, Gail McManus, recently spoke with David Rothnie from eFinancialCareers to share her expert insight into how you can nail the case study 
at your next private equity interview. 

Think like an investor

“The case study is still the most decisive element of the recruitment process because it’s the closest you get to actually doing the job.  Candidates can win or lose based on how they perform on the case study. People who are OK in the interview can land the job by showing the quality of their thinking,” Gail told David.  “You need to show that you can think, and think like an investor.”

“The main reason why people aren’t successful in case studies is that they say too much.  What you’ve got to focus on is what’s critical, what makes a difference. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality of thinking. If you do 30 strengths and weaknesses it might only be three that matter. It’s not the analysis that matters, but what’s important from that analysis. What’s critical to the investment thesis. Most firms tend to use the same case study so they can start to see what a good answer looks like.”

You can read the full article with all of Gail's advice  here.

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About the author

Gail is the Managing Director and founder of PER, setting up the business in the late 1990s after a career in private equity at 3i.

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