Secondaries is expanding: This means jobs

20 July 2016 | Gail McManus, Managing Director

It might not be quite the big bang, but the private equity secondaries market is expanding rapidly – according to most industry experts – and this means jobs!

It’s a hectic market with a blip in demand from our clients so we thought we would let you know a bit more about the roles and feature them on our site this week.
We sometimes see a bit of reluctance to consider secondaries roles because of a perception that it is not as exciting or demanding as direct deals.


The reality is – it is exciting and demanding – just in a bit of a different way, that’s all. Instead of buying one business, you will be buying a portfolio of businesses, fund investments, property or infrastructure assets.
If you have both a commercial outlook and a broad economic view of the world, then you will really enjoy thinking about pricing these portfolios.
You still need to be super in Excel and the more exposure you have had to valuations the better. However, you don’t need to have run a secondaries model before: the secondaries teams will train you so long as you have the aptitude.
If you like to be busy then the deal execution activity should fulfil your desire for variety in your day. And although you won’t work with management teams, you will be working with vendors and their advisors and enjoying all the fun of pricing and deal negotiation.
Secondaries teams are friendly and highly motivated and the environment is buzzy because of the deal activity.
From a career perspective, the pay is competitive and as most secondaries investors are growing there is room at the top to make it to partner.
Give it a bit of thought – we’ve got an eBook we can link you up to and we’d be delighted if you applied to some of our secondaries roles so we can tell you more about the opportunity.

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About the author

Gail is the Managing Director and founder of PER, setting up the business in the late 1990s after a career in private equity at 3i.

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