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16 July 2021 | Charlie Hunt, Director of UK

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Private equity funds are certainly hiring. Without exception, London's private equity recruiters say they're working feverishly hard. "It's a very active market," says Charlie Hunt, Director of UK at PER.

eFinancial Careers has reported on the ramping up of hiring within private equity funds. Charlie Hunt commented on the lack of hesitation among junior bankers offered private equity roles. "Most bankers accept them because private equity is a long-term play," he says. However, he agrees that private equity funds are under pressure to increase pay in response to banks' rises.

"When banks increase their compensation, private equity funds always end up reacting," says Hunt. "- But there's usually a lag."

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Charlie is a Principal Consultant, Director of UK and a member of our leadership team. He has been involved in securing roles for more than 650 people around the world, placing more people in the mid-market, growth and venture capital industry than anyone else in Europe since joining PER in 2006.

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