PODCAST: What do the 2020s hold? A discussion with Charlie Hunt, PER Director of UK

11 February 2020 | Charlie Hunt, Director of UK

Looking back over the past decade, Charlie Hunt, PER Director of UK, reflects on the huge number of funds that have been raised and how private equity has become a mainstream asset class. He has high hopes for the industry heading into the 2020s, predicting that more money will go into illiquid assets than ever before and private equity will become more accessible than ever before.

Charlie Hunt - Insight

Charlie explains how these trends have and will affect recruitment trends in this growing industry, particularly as competition for the limited private equity and venture capital hiring pool increases. He sees the whole industry moving from being generalist investors to being specialists in subsectors such as tech, retail and real estate and more varied roles opening up as private equity funds become large institutions.

From succession questions to diversity, Charlie discusses the biggest questions facing private equity and venture capital recruitment as we move into the new decade and sets out what he sees as the biggest challenges and opportunities in the years ahead.

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About the author

Charlie is a Principal Consultant, Director of UK and a member of our leadership team. He has been involved in securing roles for more than 650 people around the world, placing more people in the mid-market, growth and venture capital industry than anyone else in Europe since joining PER in 2006.

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