PODCAST: Investor relations & fundraising explained by the professionals, by Debbie Eidelman

21 October 2019 | Debbie Eidelman, Principal Consultant, Head of IR & Fundraising

Our latest podcast was recorded at a panel breakfast organised by PER to help investors, particularly those working in investment banking, learn more about the fields of investor relations and fundraising. These fast-growing specialisms in private equity involve maintaining relationships with existing investors and acquiring new sources of capital for funds.

Investor Relations & Fundraising Breakfast Panel

The four professionals in our panel were (right to left):

        ›   Claire-Louise Greenaway, a Director within Lazard’s Capital Advisory team
        ›   Zahir Khan, a Vice President at Ares Management
        ›    Emily Oliver, part of the Investor Relations team at Triton Capital
        ›    Chisom Orji, an Investment Director at Bridgepoint

The discussion was chaired by Debbie Eidelman (far left), a Senior Consultant at PER with expertise in IR and fundraising roles.

Each speaker gave the audience an overview of their roles, described their career backgrounds and explained what had inspired them to follow this path. They also discussed the attributes required to excel in these fields, including communications skills, interpersonal confidence and a high level of quantitative understanding.

The take-home message of the panel was that IR and fundraising roles are crucial for private equity funds’ ability to communicate investment strategies to investors. The roles are highly regarded and well compensated because, as one speaker put it, “you can’t invest capital without first drumming it up”.

Our speakers ended by offering their own tips for breaking into the industry and answered questions from audience members.

We’ve recorded the whole session to give you a specialist insight into investor relations and fundraising.

Listen to the podcast



About the author

Debbie is our Head of IR & Fundraising, focusing on roles in direct investment, funds and secondaries. She has made over 200 placements across all levels in investment and investor relations roles since joining us in London in 2008 from wealth management at Citi Group.

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