PODCAST: Germany’s changing private equity recruitment market

18 March 2020 | Rupert Bell, Director of DACH


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Private equity firms in Germany have grown substantially, the sector’s success over the past decade has attracted new entrants and many international firms have established a presence in the region. In addition to this, most team sizes are growing as hands are needed on deck to secure returns in the portfolio. All of this creates substantially more competition in the recruitment market than there was just a few years ago.

In the first of three episodes, Director of DACH, Rupert Bell, Head of Munich, Rebecca Liebel and Head of Frankfurt, Dani Braemisch, discuss the change of approach needed to attract top talent in a candidate-led market.

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About the author

Rupert is a Principal Consultant, Director of DACH and a member of our leadership team. He set up and leads our DACH business, opening in Munich in 2010 and Frankfurt in 2017.

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