The many paths to investor relations, by Jocelyn Rogers

29 March 2022 | Jocelyn Rogers, Consultant

Ahead of our webinar on 12th April focusing on careers in investor relations in Germany, we look back at the profiles of three very different candidates who found their place in investor relations and fundraising through PER
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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

 - Albert Einstein

The skill required to break down a complex problem and communicate the solution clearly is too often underestimated. Professionals who excel in investor relations and fundraising tend to have an incredible understanding of investment opportunities and take a holistic view of the wider market. They can tell you, in a few simple sentences, why a deal will work and, if required, drill down into the minutiae of financial analysis and due diligence reports that support their conviction.

On Tuesday 12th April, we are hosting an online event with some of the leading investor relations and fundraising professionals from across the DACH region.  By reflecting on their own career journeys and sharing some of their day-to-day experiences in the role, we’re confident our experts will demonstrate the impressive financial acumen and communication skills required to make an impact in investor relations and fundraising.

Ahead of the event, I’ve looked through some of our most recent entry-level placements in investor relations and fundraising to identify key skills that set successful candidates apart. If you recognise yourself in these profiles, there’s still time to register for the event and learn more about this rewarding career path.



A Senior Associate sitting within the Transaction Services team at a lead advisor recently found their place in private markets as an Investor Relations Associate with a top European mid-market investment firm.

Upon qualifying from their ACA, PER reached out to discuss possible career paths. Some insightful conversations resulted in the candidate transitioning internally from Audit to Transaction Services where they were able to develop more commercial and technical skills through the valuation process. We kept in touch throughout their career in TS and inevitably it was these skills that became imperative to them securing their current role.

As a successful candidate, they could pinpoint their relevant experience for IR – they had seen a multitude of investments from all sides, analysed financials, weighed the options and reported back to buyers and sellers on great opportunities and avoidable missteps.

Whether you’re sitting in Audit, Consulting, Transaction Services, Tax Advisory or Corporate Finance, we know that junior ACA qualified professionals from lead advisors have the right skills and attitude to move into IR.


Our next successful candidate secured a role as an Investor Relations Analyst role at a leading mid-market European buyout fund.

After completing a degree in modern languages, they decided to pursue a career in finance and joined the M&A team at a European investment bank. Here, amid the fast-paced world of M&A execution, they picked up crucial skills in financial modelling, client pitching and due diligence process management.

After a few years of long hours and deep-diving into financial analytics, this person decided they wanted a broader and more well-rounded career. When PER reached out with an investment opportunity our discussion revealed that a role in investor relations with a blend of quantitative and qualitative skills would be better suited to them.


Our third candidate joined the client servicing team at a private markets investment firm as an Associate.

They started their career on a graduate training programme at a global asset manager based in Germany. Looking for international growth and exposure, the candidate was seeking new opportunities and approached us at PER to discuss further. While this candidate had a good working knowledge of alternatives, we spent some time discussing the merits of transitioning across to private markets. Our team supported their research by providing materials and sources to help them get up to speed with private markets.

The candidate was initially concerned that being based outside the UK could be a hindrance to their search, however, their native German skills turned out to be beneficial to a growing international London team. 


About the author

Jocelyn is a member of the Investor Relations and Fundraising team at PER. She focuses on in-house IR and Fundraising roles for private equity, venture capital, private debt and real asset firms across Europe.

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