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23 September 2016 | Debbie Eidelman, Principal Consultant, Head of IR & Fundraising



You may have thought investor relations was only about communications: well it is much more than that. Today’s investor relations professional can understand and  interpret the numbers as well as any deal doer. And they need to be able to, as the investors themselves have become increasingly demanding for information about  performance and returns.

All of today’s investor relations professionals have much the same aptitude for assessing and analysing business, as their investment colleagues. This is vital in order to be able to talk knowledgeably about the portfolio and communicate the good and not so good news to the limited partners.

It’s also vital, as today’s investor relations professional needs to be fully integrated into the business in order to gain the information they need from their investment and finance colleagues and be prepared to ask the difficult questions of their team mates in anticipation of how the investors will respond to the news.

As a result, we’ve seen a surge in demand from our clients for M&A bankers, big four lead advisers or transactions services professionals to take on IR roles.

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This creates a great opportunity to make the move into private equity if you have the technical smarts and would value putting these to work in a communications setting. So, you will need to be as great in Word and PowerPoint as you are in Excel.

And the good news is, you’ll be on the same pay scale as the investment team as your role is equally valued. After all, the firm can only invest when it has the funding and it will only have the funding if you are doing a great job at keeping the investors in the loop and communicating the data knowledgeably and confidently.

In the last eighteen months PER has placed more than 50 professionals in private equity Investor Relations and Fundraising roles.


About the author

Debbie is our Head of IR & Fundraising, focusing on roles in direct investment, funds and secondaries. She has made over 200 placements across all levels in investment and investor relations roles since joining us in London in 2008 from wealth management at Citi Group.

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