Carried Interest Webinar: Recording Now Available

6 July 2018 | Written by Nicholas Neveling, Real Deals

A recording of a Real Deals  webinar on carried interest broadcast earlier this week
is now available.

You can watch the recording of “Counting carry: Are you getting your share?”  HERE

In the session:

  • Private Equity Recruitment founder Gail McManus provides a detailed analysis benchmarking compensation and carry payouts across the private equity industry, at all levels of seniority.
  • MJ Hudson partner Edyta Brozyniak outlines the variations on the classic “2-and-20” model that are emerging in the market and changes in waterfall structures.
  • Private equity managing partner Andrew Hartley explains the shortcomings of the carry model as the asset class institutionlises.
  • MJ Hudson managing partner Eamon Devlin discusses why shifts in corporation and carried interest taxation could drive material changes to how private equity firms set up investment vehicles and financial incentives.

The panel also discuss:

  • How managing partners should share carry payments with their teams.
  • What do you do if you don’t you think you are getting your fair share.
  • How to make sure you preserve your “good leaver” status if you change jobs.
  • How carry hurdles and payouts differ between buyout and infrastructure firms.
  • How the long term incentive plans used by direct investors and evergreen funds differ from the carry arrangements of 10-year LP funds.

Written by Nicholas Neveling

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