Better has always been big in private markets, by Charlie Hunt

6 September 2021 | Charlie Hunt, Director of UK

Charlie Hunt, PER’s Director of UK and judge on the Real Deals Future 40: Impact Investment Funds shares his view on the opportunity that impact offers for private markets

Impact Better is Big

The success of private markets investment is testament to the principle of delayed gratification. Patience and a long-term perspective quite literally pay dividends as funds manage their lengthy stewardship of a business.

Which is why private markets is the natural home for Impact investment: delivering both the time and the funding to unite social and environmental purpose with profit.  This burgeoning evolution offers a revolutionary opportunity for private markets, as the pace of environmental, social and governmental challenges accelerate around the world.

I am inspired by the innovations that measure success – whether focusing on measuring a reduction such as CO2 emissions, poverty or unemployment or a positive impact in shifting perceptions of value, diversity and inclusion. 

Impact investing is challenging our notions that bigger is always better.  In the case of impact – it is the focus on the problem that delivers the opportunity.

Funds and their backers are not compromising on returns. Quite the opposite; they have happily identified an investment scenario where it is possible for everyone to benefit, serving communities and protecting the environment.

I am delighted that, in partnership with Real Deals, PER is kick-starting this important campaign to name the Future 40: Impact Investment Funds and bring awareness to the new standards these socially, environmentally and fiduciarily conscious strategies are setting for funds across alternative assets investment.

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About the author

Charlie is a Principal Consultant, Director of UK and a member of our leadership team. He has been involved in securing roles for more than 650 people around the world, placing more people in the mid-market, growth and venture capital industry than anyone else in Europe since joining PER in 2006.

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