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5 May 2022 Gail McManus, Managing Director

Where can PE look for the best data analysts? - PER in the news with PEI

Gail McManus, Managing Director at PER, recently spoke with Private Equity International regarding the rise in demand for data analysts in private markets, and where firms can look for the best talent

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8 March 2022 Gail McManus, Managing Director

From one woman in private equity to another, by Gail McManus

At our regular breakfast events, women in the industry share their concerns and stories as well as some great career advice

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8 February 2022 Gail McManus, Managing Director

Conscious Uncoupling: exit strategies for private equity partners and directors

PER recently sponsored the latest in a series of HR webinars hosted by the BVCA focussed on exit strategies for senior private equity professionals.

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5 October 2021 Gail McManus, Managing Director

PODCAST | Standardising metrics will transform impact investment

What makes a Future 40: Impact Investment Fund? With Michele Giddens

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24 June 2021

Bankers seek better lives in private equity - PER in the news with PEN

PER Founder and Managing Director, Gail McManus, appears in Private Equity News to comment on the surge in appetite for junior bankers to move into private equity.

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26 May 2021 Gail McManus, Managing Director

On Top of the World (and your career), by Gail McManus, Founder and Managing Director

The future of private markets will be busy code breaking for their virtual lives at Thursday's BVCA Next Generation escape room, so I've summarised answers to questions I've been asked at previous (less perilous) events

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