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21 May 2020 Debbie Eidelman, Principal Consultant, Head of IR & Fundraising

PODCAST: How to host effective virtual investor meetings

Are you making the most of screen time with investors during lockdown? Debbie Eidelman, PER’s Head of Investor Relations, talks to experienced IR professional and speaker coach, Cat Kipling, about her top video conferencing tips

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21 May 2020 Rupert Bell, Director of DACH

Coronavirus update: The end of the beginning, by Rupert Bell, Principal Consultant

The panic phase of the crisis has been and gone for many private equity funds. It’s time now to plan for the dangers and opportunities that will arise in the medium term

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7 May 2020 Jocelyn Rogers, Consultant

Remote onboarding proves a success, by Jocelyn Rogers, Research Analyst

Firms haven’t pushed back start dates as they’re keen to hang on to the exceptional professionals they secured before lockdown

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5 May 2020

Nurture culture to retain talent – PER in the news with Private Equity International

Principal Consultant Rupert Bell explores trends affecting mid-level retention and advises firms to focus on development, recognition and culture to hold on to future leaders

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23 April 2020 Rupert Bell, Director of DACH

Coronavirus update: Preparing for a post-crisis comeback, by Rupert Bell, Principal Consultant

Short-term firefighting in portfolios has been prioritised until now but expect to see firms getting ready to bounce back when the lock-down lifts – and that calls for people power

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21 April 2020

Taking the Temperature – the full report from PER’s April coronavirus survey

Detailed figures on hiring, compensation and confidence in private equity amid the coronavirus lock down

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