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24 May 2021 Jocelyn Rogers, Research Consultant

The Many Paths to Investor Relations and Fundraising, by Jocelyn Rogers, Consultant

Ahead of our online careers event we look back at the profiles of three very different candidates who found their place in investor relations and fundraising through PER

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10 May 2021 Rupert Bell, Director of DACH

Playing the Long Game, by Rupert Bell, Director of DACH

Diversity recruitment strategies that take a long-term view are likely to see benefits sooner than those chasing short-term gains

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6 May 2021 Henry Price-Haworth, Lead Consultant, Head of Finance & Operations

The Rise of the Junior Finance Director, by Henry Price-Haworth, Head of Finance & Operations

A growing dependence on data analysis and a larger pool of highly qualified accountants is encouraging smaller firms to take a risk on less experienced leadership in the finance function

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4 May 2021

Advice for early-career professionals - PER in the news with PEI, by Gail McManus, Founder of PER

Our Founder and Managing Director, Gail McManus, shares three career-building principles for future leaders with Private Equity International

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20 April 2021 Gail McManus, Managing Director

The case for investing in diverse founders, by Gail McManus, Founder of PER

Ahead of tomorrow’s BVCA Diversity Webinar, sponsored by PER, I have put together some links to essential reading that makes the case for an issue close to my heart

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22 December 2020 Rupert Bell, Director of DACH

Reflections on a Private Equity COVID Year, by Rupert Bell, Principal Consultant

The early guesses on how COVID might affect our industry were pretty dramatic but things have actually played out quite differently so far. Looking back at the first 3 quarters of COVID-19 in PE – what have we learned?

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