The importance of online skills testing in the selection process

13 October 2016 | Gail McManus, Managing Director

Testing can be testing: improve your CHANCE of success with our six top tips

Online skills tests are becoming increasingly common in private equity recruitment processes.  There can be a temptation to fit these in when you get a few minutes without realising  the weight that might be put on the results.  A below the bar performance can rule you out almost before you have begun.  Improve your CHANCE, of success with our six tips to sail through this stage and into the next round.

Clarify the level of importance the tests have in the hiring process

How is it marked? Understand the scoring system and what the bar is for getting through (if you’re told a percentile, then ask how many questions does that mean I have to get right?)

Allocate appropriate time for each question: the questions can get more complex towards the end so take this into account

None of These: look out for this option when you just can’t get your calculation to match the multiple choice answers – it’s an easy one to miss

Choose your calculator carefully – using one you are familiar with can save you precious seconds

Eat, drink and be well rested before you take the tests

Like many things in life, a little bit of forethought can significantly affect the outcome, so think ahead to give yourself the best CHANCE.

About the author

Gail is the Managing Director and founder of PER, setting up the business in the late 1990s after a career in private equity at 3i.

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