Bankers seek better lives in private equity - PER in the news with PEN

24 June 2021

PER Founder, Gail McManus, talks to Private Equity News about the surge in  junior bankers to move into private equity.

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At PER we have  seen a surge in interest in private equity firms, with applications for associate level positions up by 20% in the first three months of 2021.  “Appetite from junior bankers to move into private equity is huge, and there are more jobs to be filled,” says Gail. “Many private equity firms have moved into new business lines, so now they need people for credit, special situations, infrastructure and more. It used to be that they’d have, say, five junior jobs, but now they have five for every business line.”

Investment banks are a key source of talent for private equity “Around 60-70% of junior hires in private equity come from bulge bracket investment banks,” says Gail. “The push by banks to hire more women and ethnic minorities has had a knock on effect on buy-side recruitment.”

To learn more about the surge in interest in private equity firms from junior bankers click here to read the full article.


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