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How We Do It

In the era of job boards and LinkedIn, our clients could start the hiring process themselves. Yet they come to us because we offer so much more than a list of profiles.

Knowledge and dedication
We combine our knowledge with our commitment and dedication to bring energy and creativity to every search.

Explain and recommend
We are open with our clients, explaining what will work and what won’t and recommending  the most successful hiring strategy.

Comprehensive shortlists
We know where to look for the best people and how to get their attention, resulting in rapid and comprehensive shortlists.

Screening for fit
We take the time to understand your culture and use our expertise to focus in on the right people for your business. 

We invest in new technologies – using tools like MyPER to make the hiring process both transparent and efficient.

Support team
Our experienced support team take care of all meetings reducing your need to divert valuable internal resources.

The hiring process


Securing people for senior roles
Hear why recruiting for experienced professionals requires a dedicated strategy.


Securing people for junior roles
Gail explains a typical approach to recruiting analysts and associates.

Our Expertise

We take the time to understand the need – that way we know precisely the kind of person we are looking for.

Explain and recommend
We are open with our clients – explaining what will work and what won’t and recommending the most successful
hiring strategy.

Screening process
We apply expert judgement to the screening process – using our expertise to focus in on the right person and advising you of their strengths and weaknesses.

Comprehensive shortlists
We know where to look for the best people and how to get their attention – resulting in rapid and comprehensive shortlists.

Support team
We have an experienced support team – we take care of all meetings and administration requirements, reducing your need to divert valuable internal resources.

We invest in new technologies – using tools like MyPER to make the hiring process both transparent and efficient.

Knowledge and commitment
We combine our knowledge with our commitment and dedication to bring creativity and effort to every search so we seek out and secure the right person.

Our Client Experiences

Large or small. First time fund or industry stalwart. We work with all types of private equity and related investment funds. Here are just a few...

The Challenge

At vice-president level, the ability to think strategically is at a premium. When that is accompanied by the willingness to roll up your sleeves with junior team members to deliver great service to clients, it equates to a winning combination. This was the rare blend of qualities that global investor Hamilton Lane, was looking for from a new VP in its client services team in Hong Kong to support its international growth.

The challenge was compounded because this strategically important hire needed to have a strong cultural fit to the region with some precisely prescribed experience. Ideally, the firm was looking for exposure to large institutional clients, as well as exceptional technical abilities.

Our Solution

With a network and experience developed over 20 years in private equity recruitment, we knew where to find a professional with the right technical qualities.   Just as importantly, our long-standing relationship with Hamilton Lane built up over ten years and more than 25 placements across Europe and Asia, also meant we knew what sort of person would stand out in the process.

We mapped the potential market, developing a shortlist of nine people drawn from banking, asset management and fund of funds.

Identifying a vice-president who would resonate with the firm and have the ability to influence colleagues at every level was the most challenging part of the task. We completed in-depth interviews with everyone, exploring what drove them professionally and personally. Finding someone whose energy, personality and vision matched their  operational impact was always going to be the decisive factor in the search.

"We knew we were asking for a rare combination of qualities. That’s why we appointed PER"

Juan Delgado-Moreira, Head of International, Hamilton Lane

The Results

To Linn Cheng, PER’s  Hong Kong-based Head of Asia who was handling the assignment, one person immediately stood out. She had a strong background in both asset management and banking, plus experience of building relationships with institutional clients. Moreover, she had the ideal level of maturity and right aptitude for the role. With substantive client experience, she was able to operate at both partner and team level.

By making sure both parties could see the benefits of the potential match, Linn ensured events progressed quickly. Hamilton Lane has an inclusive philosophy involving many of its people in a range of interviews and case studies.  Linn and her team kept the momentum going by ensuring concerns were addressed and everyone remained engaged in the process.  Pleasingly, Hamilton Lane’s partners shared Linn’s opinion of the preferred professional, who joined the firm in July 2017.

The Challenge

International expansion in private equity can be hugely rewarding, but from a talent perspective it carries some particular challenges. Chequers Capital’s expansion into the German market has been a case in point. A long-established mid-market French fund, it opened its first office outside of France in Munich some seven years ago and after a busy initial start by the founding group, invited PER to help support its further team development.

After completing a number of early investments, the firm needed to increase its capacity with junior and director-level hires. Although the firm’s track record is very strong in France, it was not so well known in the German market at that point and moreover a number of investment professionals were reluctant to work in a newly established regional office, away from the centre of gravity.


Our Solution

Led by PER Director of DACH, Rupert Bell, we worked with the firm’s partners to develop a compelling narrative for the search. Chequers had developed significant traction in the German market, largely due to the quality of its team and their commitment to a relationship-led way of addressing Mittelstand owners and managers. They had completed several strong investments, despite a high level of competition, indicating the partners’ commitment to enter the market boldly. And the leadership team across both offices had demonstrated a transparent and supportive way of working that appealed to forward-looking investment professionals. In the course of our project, the team also delivered the first exits from the German portfolio and more recently raised a major new European fund, providing external validation of the proposition.

Alongside this, we emphasized the potential rather than the pitfalls of cross-border working and stressed the intelligent, inclusive tone for the organisation that the founding partners had established. What’s more, we were resilient – we knew we couldn’t build the firm’s reputation overnight so we put in place a long-term strategy targeting influencers as well as potential hires.

"Building a new international investment team takes market knowledge, a strong client relationship – and time."

Rupert Bell, PER Director of DACH

The results

By developing our narrative over time, we have successfully placed investment professionals at associate, senior associate and director levels for Chequers. Some of these people have come from banking backgrounds; others from direct mid-market competitors attracted by the firm’s growth and culture. All are testament to the seven years’ experience in the German private equity market that we bring to every engagement.

One of the most gratifying elements of our success has been the contribution that the people we have hired have made to Chequers, not least, a Director who closed the largest individual investment in the firm’s 20+ year history in his first few months. Equally, we have been delighted by the mandate the firm has given us to recruit CFOs into their portfolio companies; an affirmation of the quality of PER’s advice and service.

The challenge

Bridges Fund Management is one of the pioneers of impact investment. It was one of the first firms to recognize the potential of making sustainable, social and wellbeing-related investments and generating commercial returns.  


Our ongoing challenge has been to educate talented investors of the merits of the sector.  We have been able to promote the Bridges expansion story - the firm has grown rapidly with hundreds of millions under management – and identify people with a genuine interest in impact investing. 

Our solution

Through our knowledge of the market and of Bridges itself, we recognized that success hinged on identifying high performing investment professionals with an interest in impact investing.  Led by Charlie Hunt, PER’s Director of UK, for each search, we consulted across our network to compile talent maps of potentially relevant people.


During each search, we combined our market knowledge, mapping techniques and proactively sourced referrals.   In some cases, we worked alongside Bridges who used their own networks and advertisement processes, completing assessments of all the people that these generated.   We made sure that exceptional investment skills and deep-rooted ethical investing values were ever present.

“Impact investing is a unique proposition – for investors and investment professionals. We know where to look for the people who share Bridges’ commitment and values.”

Charlie Hunt, Director of UK, PER

The results

Over the past ten years we have placed at Bridges a number of investors with a range of backgrounds and levels of experience. They all have in common a deep-rooted interest in sustainability issues and impact investing.


At PER, we are flexible in our methodology and work with our partners to build recruitment solutions around their preferences and needs.  

The Challenge

While North American in origin, this asset manager has long been global in outlook. Two years ago the firm decided to capitalise on this by establishing an international network. PER was invited to partner with them to help establish their first European office in London. 

They faced a number of significant talent-related challenges. Brand awareness in the UK was low and its investment model wasn’t well-established. Rather than following a traditional majority investment buy-out model, the firm make significant minority investments in target businesses and co-underwrite deals.

To compound this, the firm had demanding criteria for the first assignment they gave us. We were briefed to recruit a Senior Associate / VP-level investment professional with private equity experience and fluency in written English, French and one other European language.

Our Solution

By drawing on our extensive network, we were able to map our population, targeting private equity experienced people with exposure to large ticket investments and accomplished language skills.  Importantly, we didn’t underestimate the challenge of converting them with our client’s singular proposition.

Recognizing that knowledge and understanding is built one conversation at a time, we talked and talked to our target audience, educating as many people as possible in order to achieve the required number of recommendations without comprising our quality criteria.

“Bringing a new market entrant to the attention of our network is a challenge we relish.”

Debbie Eidelman, PER Senior Consultant

The Results

PER’s Senior Consultant, Debbie Eidelman, led the engagement and presented a shortlist of seven highly experienced people within three weeks of starting our first assignment. The relationship we cultivated with the firm’s senior team and Human Resources was crucial to the success.  It helped that Debbie was able to talk in French to the head office team.  We’ve been able to translate our first success into a series of placements over the last two years which have seen us make four strategic hires in London and two in Asia.

Since establishing its network of international offices, the firm has deployed billions in private equity and begun a programme of active direct investment execution. PER has supported this at every step of the way, with around 60% of the London and Asia teams originating from our recruitment partnership.

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