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18 July 2017 Rupert Bell, Director of DACH

So, you've made a fortune; what next? in this month's Family Office Magazine

Making a family fortune is very different from managing it. The traits which build entrepreneurial wealth first time round, including personal drive, self confidence and very narrow focus may not be so useful in guiding a more strategic wealth management programme

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7 July 2017

The new most accessible jobs in finance. And the least

If you’re looking for a new job in finance and you want to be in work by late August, you need to watch what you apply for. There are some jobs where this is eminently achievable. There are others where it’s a laughable fantasy. Gail McManus, managing director of PER, a London-based private equity recruitment firm, says most private equity roles have between 200 and 300 applicants.

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9 June 2017 Hafsah Bhatti, Research Consultant

GP, LP, RFP, DDQ, PPM and AGM – just some of the acronyms you’ll come across as an ‘IR’ professional in private equity

You may not know that there is a technical and varied career opportunity available within private market funds outside of the deal team, which offers great choice and a new way to apply your technical, commercial and soft skills: investor relations.

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18 May 2017 Nadja Essmann, Head of CFO Practice, DACH

There is no "one-size fits-all" CFO for private equity!

There is a high demand for CFOs within private equity backed portfolio companies, but what skills are required? Is there a standard profile that private equity funds are looking for?

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18 April 2017 Rupert Bell, Director of DACH

Family offices and the changing world of private equity in April's Family Office Magazine

Private equity has been a well-established part of most asset allocations for decades. As investments are at the upper end of the risk spectrum, it is usually, therefore, a relatively modest proportion of total assets for most families.

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18 April 2017

These are the top 10 private equity firms everyone wants to work for

Private equity is all about aspiration. Most investment bankers covet a buy-side role early on in their career, but only a very select few make it in. “We have 2,500 applications every month,” says Gail McManus, managing director of PER, Private Equity Recruitment. “We place 200 people a year.”

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